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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Motion and Movement Angel veins and Patterns....

After looking at the heart,I looked at Gunter Van Hagens work, I loved the heart shown above and I began to think of the veins surrounding the heart(Angel Veins) and the amount of moving blood flowing through them,

Angel Veins,

Angel Veins,

Close up of Angel Veins, 

This is me experimenting with wire a fabric to create the effect of Angel veins, I used a reflective red fabric, Florist wire and blue wool,

I also decided to look more closely at the heart from a microscopic point of view,

The top 3 pictures are creating the effect of the heart muscle close up, i felt the 3 different stages while i made it were  interesting,

I also noticed while watching a documentary the similarities between the pattern of the Angel Veins, the heart muscle and Rice(Paddy) Fields in china, which were made over a period of 8,000 by mans movement,

Pattern of a rice field,

Pattern in white,

The pattern in red,

Motion and Movement from the Heart

This is a sheep's heart that I got for free from a Butchers in limerick city, this angle is from the top.

This angle is from the side, notice the fat which protects the heart.
and this angle is from the front....or back,

The image above and the image below are the same except the top is the heart in flesh and the bottom is a plaster cast of the heart but of the same side of the heart....:D cool much.??

My Fabric Heart....motion and movement...:D

I received a lot of red cloth from the fashion store room and decided to make a heart, the fabric i used was red and had an elastic quality to it, like the fabric used in swimming caps, i cut the fabric roughly in to three ovals and a wonky triangle.

I then began to stitch the four pieces together.

I sowed them all to get by hand and left a small opening and stuffed it with white netting, the stuff used to give dresses volume,

Then sealed it shut..:)

I then began to make the 5 blood vessels which are attached to the heart, "Inferior and Superior vena cava pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein and aorta"....I choose 3 different colours for each vessel, wound them around a pencil and stitched them loosely together.

After I attached the vessels I began making then protective fat around the heart by sowing on a brown elastic fabric which formed a pouch, and stuffed it with balled up tissue to make it hard..:P and paint yellow swirls on make it pretty.

I then covered it in liquid latex to give it a slimy effect....overall it all worked out and has a really nice effect.

Here I began to make the hind leg of a rabbit, from a drawing. I started with wire and twisted it into the shape i wanted.

I then Dipped plaster bangages into water mixed with yellow paint, yellow didn't really show on finished piece...:/

This is what it looked like before i bound the seperate pieces toget her with wire,

This was the finished piece stuck on my studio wall, It turned out well enough but not as good as it was in my imagination..:P

These are three Rabbits (or Hares) i made from clay, two are in motion and one is still,

A leaping Rabbit/Hare,

A hopping Rabbit/Hare,

A still Rabbit/Hare,

I was planning on making a animation of it hoping but they became very fragile as the clay dried, wasn't able to make plaster casts because they were to intricate according to the technicians...:(


I then attempted to make a bigger and less intricate Rabbit/Hare.

My Bunny while in the rough stages, i gave him humanoid arms and folded legs, feet still broke off despite the wire support..)

My Bunny(Rabbit Heart) finished....but before i made the cast i began to move more towards my heart idea and never make a cast....also his feet fell off and i got annoyed...:P

Motion and Movement in relation to Rabbits...................

This is a page from my Contextual Book, it shows how i found inspiration in the work of Sofie Ryder humanoid Rabbits and Beatrice Potters Character Peter Rabbit, also the i found the rabbit skull an interesting image. how a rabbit would move if it had a human body.

Charcoal Drawing of a Rabbit Skeleton from my sketch book. This is what allows the rabbit to move.

Page from my Contextual exploring the way rabbits move and how there Skeletal structure allows them to move.

Section of my contextual, small sketch, clay rabbits and another artist drawing of a rabbit skeleton.

Contextual again, Sculpture by Barry Flanagan of a humanoid hare, relating back to my idea concerning The Peter Rabbit idea, again human movement.

My rendition of a drawing by Barry Flanigan and a drawing of a Rabbit skeleton found in my sketch book.

I came up with the idea of rabbits in clothes from vogue magazine, this is the result of combing my two separate inspirations of Petter Rabbit and Barry Flanagans sculpture, this is a drawing of a rabbit wearing a Patrick Demarcheller cropped sweat shirt from October 2011 issue of vogue magazine, how would it move..? found in my sketch book..