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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Sprawling, Bloody, Veins......

After I finished with my sculpture of the "Angle Veins", I decided to focus on the 2D aspect of the project, I refered back to the pattern I designed back in October while looking at "Paddy Fields".

I decided to go larger, and use the finished piece as a template to cut out the pattern on a sheet of wood.

I liked the vividness of the black line against the brown paper,

I lost interest in this quiet quickly after attempting this with a copping saw and dedcided to look in a different direction, I tried recreating the spawling veins buy dropping ink into water,

I then dropped the ink on to a page and used a hair dryer to make the ink sprawl out, at all time I had the image of a heart and it capilaries in my minds eye.

The effect was very effective, But hard to control.

I decided to mix both 2D and 3D and see how it inspired me, I took inspiration from the Piece show above made by the artist PATTI,

Me experimenting with spawling strands of wool,

The lozenge pattern,

The lozenge pattern reminded me of the surface of the heart muscle,

Monday, 19 December 2011

"Angel Veins" in High Definition...:D

This is "Angel Veins", as apart of my first year assesment I've hung it up in the hallway on the ground floor of the college.

This is my favourite picture of "Angel veins", the wool pulling away from the main artery is fascinating and gives an wet organic effect, 

The wool has seperated on this artery and shrunk to resemble a tumour like growth, 

The artery bulges out from the wool skin,

smaller arteries detach from the main artery,

The raw stitching of the wool gives it a raw organic look,

The numerous arteries give a frigtening effect and reminds people of octopus, worms and even a lobster.