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Friday, 6 April 2012


Alexander McQueen

In the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011 Womens Collection, Sarah Burton investigates the idea of fraying Fabric, It gives the Garment a mystical feel to it,

Gareth Pugh 

In Gareth Pughs Spring/Summer 2008 collection he used 'fraying' to create his interesting Garments,


Thierry Mugler

The  technique called 'Ruched' appears in the Spring/Summer 2012 Thierry Mugler womens collection, The colors aren't that nice but the clean cut designs mixed with 'ruched' fabric are very seductive in my opinion,

This color story works the nest in my opinion,

Donna Karen

Donna Karen Used the 'Ruched ' technique in a very elegant way in her Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, all her outfits compliment the female figure and give it a a very distinct elegance,


Padding is were areas of the garment are stuffed with a soft cushion like substance to make a certain area of the body appear bigger,

Thom Browne

Thom Brown uses Padding in his Autumn/Winter 2011 Mens collection, mostly the areas of the shoulders appear larger than normal, which suggests padding,

Gareth Pugh

I like Gareth Pugh use of Padding, Androgyny and geometric pattern in his Spring/Summer 2007 collection, out of my three examples his is the most interesting,

Comme Des Garcon
Comme des Garcon use padding on a larger scale in there Autumn/Winter 2010 womens collection, but manage to make it boring,


Asymmetry is a very big part of fashion, it can add drama to a look, it can vary in cut, stitching and design and has no symmetry to it therefore creating drama in an outfit, beauty from chaos. In a way its were one side of the body doesn't match the other,


In Lanvin Spring/Summer womens collection asymmetry play a big role in some of the designs, Lanvin asymmetry to create beautiful and elegant pieces which move in unison with the body,

Bouchra Jarrar

Bouchra Jarrar uses asymmetry in a very Different way she takes advantage of the bold looks it creates and goes a step further to create beautiful garments, which don't look unnatural and only out for the shock factor,

This is my favorite by Bouchra Jarrar, simple yet complex,