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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Here are a select few of my croquis to demonstrate what we did....we cut are shapes firstly out of paper and put them on a manican and took photos,

Here are a few examples of the shapes that I created using the shapes above, each shape has more than one of the shape above on it and are pinned to the mannequin, 


here are examples of the shapes I created using fabric and the second of my two shapes, shown above,

The fabric i used here is hessin and a heavy weight,

The fabric I use here is called calico, its classified as a middle weight fabric,

The fabric I use here is muslin, its a light weight fabric.






Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fashion elective at last...!! XD

the fashion project is all anout shape and pullig shapes and manipulating them to fit around the human form, I choose smoke as my thing to pull shapes from, 

after choosing your two shapes you apply them to croquis.........