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Thursday, 5 April 2012


Recycling means to reuse, its no different in fashion, many designers reuse clothes, organic material, rubbish and random materials like newspaper, tin cans and even cardboard,

Alexander McQueen,

I choose the four examples below to show case Alexander McQueens use of recycled materials, all of them are of an organic origin,

'The Horn of Plenty, Autumn/Winter 2010', Dyed black Duck feathers,

'Widows of Culoden, Autumn/Winter 2007,' Pheasant Feathers,

'Its a Jungle Out There, Autumn/Winter 1998' reused and bleached jeans, and Impala horns mounted on to a pony skin jacket.

'Voss, Spring/Summer 2001,' Razor clam shells, from a norfolk beach,

Li Xiaofeng
Li Xiaofeng, is a Chinese artist based in Beijing, I choose his wearable porcelain garments as an example of recycling in fashion due to the fact he uses  porcelain fragments form the Ming dynasty,

Here Li Xiaofeng created the most expensive Lacoste Polo t-shirt the 317 pieces took three months to piece together,

here's a more wearer friendly polo created from digital photographs of the porcelain shards,

Bias cut.

Bias cut

The "bias-cut" is a technique used by designers for cutting clothing to take advantage of the greater stretch in the diagonal direction of the fabric, as a result it causes it to accentuate body lines and curves and drape softly.

Ralph Lauren

In Ralph Laurens Spring Summer 2012 women s collection, there is obvious use of the 'bias cut' technique, in the 5 examples shown the clothes cling to the contours of the body, out lining the feminine curves,

Naeem Khan

In Naeem Khans Autumn/Winter 2007 women s collection there is obvious use of 'bias cut' in his long evening dresses, they cling sensually to the female form and drape gracefully to the ground,


Draping is a technique in Fashion Design were a piece of fabric is placed on the body and allowed to move freely and naturally,

Haider Achermann

In Haider Ackermanns Spring/Summer 2012 Womanswear collection, many of tghe pieces have examples of draping were the garment has been placed on the body and allowed to move freely in accordance to the nature of the material,

Scarf draped around the shoulders,

Scarf draped around the right shoulder and down the back,

Draping around the head, front and back,

Drapping around the front and head,

Maison Martin

Maison Martin uses obvious draping techniques in his Spring/summer 2012 collection, he uses it in a exaggerated manner in some of his designs, which I really like,

Coat draping down the conyour of the body,

Obvious draping down the body,

Runched at the torso and drapping down the body,

The fabric obviously drapes down the body but is so light that the movement of the model is distorting the classic draping effect,

Coat draping down the body,

Draping down the body,


Deconstruction in Fashion is very exciting, Designers who use this technique create clothes with fantasy about them, Its incorporates recycling old clothes, exposed seams, zips, boning, fraying, loose threads, basically the garment looks unfinished or damaged to a point,

The 'Oyster Dress' layers of frayed silk muslin,

Mcqueen cut around eat individual flower in the lace to give it a torn appearance,

exposed girdle under the leather,

The £2000 silk scarf is thorn by the resin antlers,

Yohji Yamamoto

I choose Yohji Yamamoto to show that deconstruction doesn't have to be as obvious and drastic as the McQueen designs above, here he skillfully works recycled leather and glazing into his over sized 2009 Spring/Summer male collection, as well as using aged models,


Tailoring seems to be a very popular in every season, In each season 'Tailoring' is used through out many collections among Fashion Houses, this is not just a modern craze, this technique gained its name in the late 18th century. Here are three examples from two Different Houses,

Comme Des Garcons
I choose examples from the Summer 2011 menswear because tailoring is clearly used in the construction of this line-up.

Alexander McQueen

Here Alexander McQueens 2005 ready to wear women wear, it shows clear signs of tailoring with its beautifully crafted garments,

This is my favorite from the images I choose to showcase 'Tailoring', there is also a suggestion of a 'biased cut' as the garment seems to cling to the body,