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Saturday, 7 January 2012

From Hell........Beautiful Disease....

This is the sixth and final piece of this "Embroidery From Hell" collection, The last unlike the other focuses on the blood of the heart as a spreader of disease through out the body.....

The green leaf like pattern represents the disease, kinda looks like a hash leaf haha, I choose green cause that is the colour I represent with disease,

I used a dark blue thread to give the valves of the heart definition,

I then used pink thread to give the heart a 3D appearance, which didn't really work in my opinion,

The disease begins to spread away from the heart in the form of a green artery,

The close up of the heart and the "Disease" in my opinion is quiet eye catching,

The back of the piece,

The Final faze, the piece mounted on a wooden frame and ready to join the 5 others.