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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Fleshy Felt

I used the lattice swatch on the under belly of the sculpture,

sewed the felt on the the cardboard part of the sculpture,

I attached the legs to the end of the sculptures arteries, and sowed them in place,

and this how it is going so far,

The Felting Process.......Its very messy..:)

First you get your wool and pull it into small sections and lay them beside each other, Your can felt other materials with the wool tool like i did with the thread,

Wet it with boiling water that contains washing up liquid,

Roll up your felting map and tie it up..

Roll it for a bit and you should end up with something like this,

If you want to dye it place it in a basin whit what ever dye you want,

I wanted the fleece to be red but it would take a ton of dye to turn it the red i wanted so i settled for this pink fleshy color,

As I let the felted pieces dry the dripping water make cool blood like stains on the wooden board,

More felted tubes soon to be dyed, i needed a total of 16 in the end,

The legs being dyed.....

My Inspiration...:D Contextual stuff...!!

This is a sculpture by Anish Kapour, I took inspiration from this because of its sprawling nature.
I also took inspiration fro the two sculptures above because of the twisting a winding nature of the materil, both are works by Anish Kapok,
Theese Instillations are by a Brazilian Artist called Ernesto Neto, I was intruged byt the colour and size of theese instillations,

This works by Ernesto Neto, reminded me of sprawling,

Theese spiders by Louise Bourgeois remind me of my sprawling sculpture,

Arteries and the like....

I begain to worry that I was taking to much time on this sculpture,

As a result I rused into a half formed idea, It didn't look bad in my opinion but it also so didn't look right.......I went back to my original idea and planned it out properly.