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Friday, 30 March 2012

Final Eight, Mood Board and Color Board,

The first four above and the last four below, together making my final eight of the pattern project titled "Decay Of Decadence" , I used these two pages from my sketch book as a guide to re sizing my Final eight swatches, all eight were shrunk down by at least half of it original size and remade in the color story,

Final Color Story,
Here is the final color story of my pattern project titled "Decay Of Decadence" ,

Final Mood Board,
Here is my final mood board of the pattern project, titled "Decay Of Decadence", its sets the rustic mood of my project and the decay of something that was once grand,

My Two Fabric Boards,
Here is the way my final eight swatches were presented for assessment,
the actual boards are the color and mood boards sprayed with rust and gold spray paint, this was to give it a old effect and have the swatches stand out,

Board 1:

Board 2:

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"Decay Of Decadence", more swatches..:D

Here is the cover and poential mood board for my swatches....they are my 8 final swatches and a picture of a girl in and old worn dress holding dead grass from the magazine "bloom",

Heres my colour story I went with the middle shades of orange and brown,

Bleach on black jersey,

Latex and string,

Lino flooring,

Knit from the knit machine..

Lino and calico tied together with wool,

wool felting,

Hessin and calico dyed orange weaved with a latex pattern on it,

Calico and latex dyed orange,

Hessin and muslin, the technique I used on the muslin is called chibori.

random brown fabrics gathered and stiched on to hessin,

Gathered fabric stiched on to cotton,

Chibori on a larger scale, dyed orange with brown latex dots,

dyed muslin and calico gathered and overlapping,

calico folded in to scale like shapes stiched on, overlapping and dyed witg coffee,

Bark chips attached with orange wool,

calico, loose hesssin, and rug plan covered in paper mache or brown polyester,

Brown and orange cotton string knitted together,

fabric gathered and overlapping,

My two final fabrics,

Monday, 19 March 2012

Swatches..:) Decaying Wood....fungi

Basically I'm looking at the idea of dead piece of wood and the fungus that grows on it and works it way through the dead wooden flesh,







Sunday, 18 March 2012

More Swatches..:D

Inspired by this pattern,


This one is representing decaying park bench seat, its had a padded calico couchion with holes in it over a Hessian back with latex on it,

Decide to spray paint the back to make it more interesting,

Inspired by this pattern,

This swatch is done by Knife pleating and brown spray paint of one of my patterns,

Left the back plain so as to focus on the pleating,

Friday, 16 March 2012


Swatches are pieces of fabric or any material really, generally 12" by 12", you explore different techniques of manipulation with them, here are my first three derived from my pattern project,

This patter features in the three swatches below,


This is just plain embroidery on calico, I used a black wool that I got from the knit room,


Close up of front,

This is the lattice pattern except with emphasis on the back of the pattern, in a boarder made of calico and spray painted pattern.


This is calico pleated then pleated the opposite way to create squares in the fabric, and the pattern is spray painted on the front.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


THis is a Three week project in which we explore Pattern, through mark making and experimenting with fabric. we are expected to have a large body of work the 30th of march so better get designing..:)

Primary Source Images

These are were and what I looked at for inspiration. I began looking around my own house, my Nannas house and My college, I decide on the theme of  "Decay" focusing mainly on the decay and ageing of wood and wooden furniture. I then proceeded to taking rubbing's of objects around the college to see if I could get more Information on pattern in the urban and natural environment. 


A grate,

A window with a bumpy effect,

Tiles on a floor,

The grain on a wooden door,

Bark of a tree,

A outside vent,

A fireplace,

A water manhole,

A Staircase,

A manhole,

A manhole,

A grate above a confessional booth,


Patterns from source images

Weaving of a pattern,

another weaving,

Patterns altered on Photoshop,

So far I am really enjoying this project, its challenging but in a good way, Next we'll be moving onto Fabric...:D