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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pollen...My conclusion of the Sculpture Elective,

Here I was looking at things in nature which transfer and Expand, The idea behind this was the kitting cotton string acted as a sex organ cover in pollen "Talkin Powder", and the red ball made from Styrofoam, Plaster, red paint and pva glue was the brightly coloured fruit which drew in it unsuspecting carrier,

Here I used my friend Kayla's fingers to create a finger stitch with 10 stitches as opposed to 5,

I then created a basket using the normal knit stitch infused with the finger stitch,

Here I begain contemplating removing the frame after a discussion with my tutor sarah,

I then started attching long finger knitted ropes to the basket and let it grow and expand as I added  more,

Here is a pick of the Fruit "Styrofoam/plaster/red paint/ pva glue" drying,

Here is what it looked like at the end of the process, also I removed the frame and attached it to wire mess suspended from the ceiling, shown bellow.

Here is a close up of the interwoven knit stitches and finger knit stitches, Overall I found the sculpture experience stressful yet fun at the same time..:)

Talkin transfer...Sculpture..:D

In this experiment I wanted to explore transfer of particals, using talkin powder,

Here I began making my wool balls, using florist wire, masking tape and white wool,

I then coated the woolen balls in Talkin powder, and attached them to string hung from the ceiling in preperation to hitting them off the black paper,

Each ball created a unique mark on the black paper, like a finger print,

also there were was a build up of powder underneath the impact

Expansion of Gas, Sculpture..:D

Here I got a packet of Andrews liver salts from Boots and mixed it with water so that it would react to make CO2 gas, I placed a clear plastic bag in to a toilet roll with holes cut into it, as the water and Andrews reacted and created enough gas and pressure of the bag to burst through the cardboard roll,  

Sculptural Experimentation........

Talkin Powder, it leaves transfers and it seems to never get out of your clothes unless washed..

Red clothes dye mixed with talkin powder,

applied to fabric,

Got bored......