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Thursday, 15 March 2012


THis is a Three week project in which we explore Pattern, through mark making and experimenting with fabric. we are expected to have a large body of work the 30th of march so better get designing..:)

Primary Source Images

These are were and what I looked at for inspiration. I began looking around my own house, my Nannas house and My college, I decide on the theme of  "Decay" focusing mainly on the decay and ageing of wood and wooden furniture. I then proceeded to taking rubbing's of objects around the college to see if I could get more Information on pattern in the urban and natural environment. 


A grate,

A window with a bumpy effect,

Tiles on a floor,

The grain on a wooden door,

Bark of a tree,

A outside vent,

A fireplace,

A water manhole,

A Staircase,

A manhole,

A manhole,

A grate above a confessional booth,


Patterns from source images

Weaving of a pattern,

another weaving,

Patterns altered on Photoshop,

So far I am really enjoying this project, its challenging but in a good way, Next we'll be moving onto Fabric...:D