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Friday, 30 March 2012

Final Eight, Mood Board and Color Board,

The first four above and the last four below, together making my final eight of the pattern project titled "Decay Of Decadence" , I used these two pages from my sketch book as a guide to re sizing my Final eight swatches, all eight were shrunk down by at least half of it original size and remade in the color story,

Final Color Story,
Here is the final color story of my pattern project titled "Decay Of Decadence" ,

Final Mood Board,
Here is my final mood board of the pattern project, titled "Decay Of Decadence", its sets the rustic mood of my project and the decay of something that was once grand,

My Two Fabric Boards,
Here is the way my final eight swatches were presented for assessment,
the actual boards are the color and mood boards sprayed with rust and gold spray paint, this was to give it a old effect and have the swatches stand out,

Board 1:

Board 2: