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Saturday, 10 March 2012

'Never Let Me Go'.....Flo + Co

I've always loved Florence and the Machine, ever since spring 2009 and I discovered the song 'Cosmic Love' , The album 'Lungs' helped inspire me to do a pretty good portfolio to get into Art College....And her new Album "Ceremonials"  helped me find the inspiration and determination too get into the Fashion course. Hopefully both albums and future albums will continue to inspire me....I'm really intrigued the imagery in this music video, the mystery and the vulnerability. I love the power within the song. I'd also like to say that this video was released the day my Grandmother Mary(Mamie) Nolan passed away, The song for me explains in a way how much I loved Mamie and the video reminds me of how I feel about her passing, Love you Mamie R.I.P 12/03/12.