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Thursday, 5 January 2012

From Hell........

The Images above depict my "Fish and Chips Heart", it is meant to be like a parcel you open and the blood and veins of the heart sprawl and grasp outwards, the wet effect was achieved by mixing paint and liquid latex, I also drew inspiration from the film "From Hell" directed by Albert and Allen Hughes, staring Johnny Depp, the scence is were Johnny Depp receives a package containing a human kidney from Jack the Ripper.....

While making the "Fish and Chips Heart" I got a taste for stiching and decided to go down the embroidery route.

This is my favourite image, it shows the inticate blue and red veins and how their coluir compliments each other,

In this piece I began to mix felted wool with  embroidery, The effect was effective and visually pleasing in my opinion.....

In this piece I used blue as the dominant colour instead of red.....I then left lose thread from each stitched vein, I put the piece in the washing machine in order to felt it a bit, then spread the thread with starch and tossed them around for a more organic look.

This is a fiber optic light, the picture was taken with a slow shutter speed...or

In this piece the main part was felted wool with embroided veins,

Examples of the wool used,

I stitched the out line of the veins and looped thread inbetween them to fill the middle,